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Through years of experience and knowledge gained, Underdog is an invaluable resource for learning how to tackle the unique process of athletic recruiting. The process can be ambiguous, daunting and extremely fast-paced but with Underdog educating on all the important pieces, athletes will be set up to attack their recruiting and chase their dreams.



Working together to develop a personalized timeline & plan on how to navigate the overwhelming process. Creating a target list of best-fit schools based on academics, athletics and other key factors is crucial. Then the rest is about how to market yourself to the right coaches at the right time. Each athlete's recruiting process is unique and evolves over time - Underdog helps every step of the way.



Once athletes are armed with the tools, knowledge and resources, it is time to execute. With the "how" part of recruiting taken care of, athletes then are able to initiate and take ownership of their recruiting process - with Underdog's support. Who, what, when are the three big W's in recruiting - executing at the right time is crucial for maximizing your exposure.

Recruiting Packages



Crash Course

This manual provides a comprehensive overview and proven strategy approach for the recruiting process. Geared towards the athlete that may have an idea but wants some specific direction and  to make sure no detail is missed.

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Whether you are a linebacker, quarterback or lineman, the recruiting process is the same. Underdog helps and guides through each facet of the process to ensure all the bases are covered and each athlete is set up with all the tools needed for success.

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Kickers, punters and long snappers have a slightly more unique recruiting process & timeline. Also, Underdog's roots are with Specialists - lessons and focused strength & conditioning are additional aspects of these packages.




Underdog's long-term goal is to build the best platform to help as many athletes as possible because the value and lessons learned in athletics is unmatched. Every Underdog deserves a shot!

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