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Kohl's Kicking

"Jake Dombrowski and Underdog Consulting can help you navigate the collegiate recruiting process for football. Underdog focuses on both academics and athletics to help student-athletes find their best-fit schools and knows the steps it takes to get there. Jake has been training, coaching and working with Kohl's for over 12 years, he was an outstanding punter at Harvard and I highly recommend Jake and Underdog to any athlete and parent looking for help through the overwhelming recruiting process."


Jamie Kohl

Owner - Kohl's Professional Kicking Camps

"When my son went through the recruiting process in 2021 to be a collegiate kicker, I was on the fence regarding an investment in Coach Dombrowski's Underdog Consulting program.  In hindsight, it was the best decision I could have made to put my son in the best position to be successful. Jacob’s process will not only provide tools to assist your kicker with their craft, but he also guides your kicker and family through the recruiting process from the perspective of someone who has done it before. I highly recommend Jacob and his team to give your kicker the required tools to make their dreams come true.

All the best, Jacob!  I am a roaring fan!"

Brad, Parent - Class of 2021

"We were very happy with Coach Dombrowski's support of our son from his junior year in high school through his recruitment and commitment his senior year. Jake really listened to our sons' needs, provided helpful direction and actionable information that was critical in launching us off on the right foot. Jake really cared and checked in throughout the process to make sure we were in good shape and was always available for questions. I highly recommend Jake for his valuable consulting."

Elizabeth, Parent - Class of 2021

"Given the competition and limited college specialist opportunities, I wanted to give my son the best options possible. I am convinced that the investment we made in Coach Dombrowski's program helped our son get a great offer! Jacob's suggestions, video techniques and communication advice to coaches is excellent. I could not recommend him more!"

Brad, Parent - Class of 2021

"Having never played football until junior year of high school, our son was a late bloomer for sure, and we needed proven guidance on how best to get to the next level. Coach Dombrowski helped big-time with all phases of the complex recruiting process and he gave us expert tips on techniques, gear, drills and was a reliable sounding board whenever we had any questions along the way!"

Matt, Parent - Class of 2021

"Coach Jacob is simply outstanding. The personal attention he gave our son helped us all feel prepared and informed on the timing for the intense recruiting process and onslaught of emails and texts. We deeply appreciated the communication we had with Coach Jacob, including phone calls my wife and I had with him. He was always supportive, very personal, and it turned out, exactly on target. Our son is ultimately going to a great institution. We can't recommend Underdog Consulting enough!"

Parents - Class of 2020

"Coach Jake Dombrowski with Underdog Consulting was able to assist my son and our family while navigating the college football recruiting process. Jake did an excellent job listening to my son's needs, flexibly providing support as needed, advising him to help determine the best fit both academically and athletically, and genuinely caring. We wish we would have begun our relationship with Jake when our son was a junior, but now look forward to keeping in touch with him. We highly recommend working with Underdog Consulting throughout the overwhelming college recruiting process. Thank you, Jake!"

Shelly, Parent - Class of 2018

"We were introduced to Jacob and Underdog Consulting during a Kohl's long snapping camp in Atlanta, GA in the spring of 2018 and we were immediately impressed by Jacob's insightful perspective credibility and his own experience in being recruiting and ultimately playing college football at Harvard. Jacob provided thoughtful advice that helped us better understand, manage and attack the college recruiting process from the outset. He also provided timely instruction, clear direction and a totally customized approach to the process that was perfectly tailored to our son's academic and athletic capabilities. Our son started the process thinking he'd long snap in college and, instead, was ultimately recruited to play wide receiver. Underdog Consulting was a valued partner and trusted resource throughout the recruiting process."

Tim, Parent - Class of 2019

"I want to say thanks for all of the help from Underdog in the recruiting process, as it was instrumental in making sure that the commitment that he and our family made was at a school that fits my son really well, and not just one that offered him to play football. He had a lot of options from other schools that we just knew were not for him. The decision to commit was very much based on making sure the school fit and that it was really about the education potential and not just being able to play football."

Joe, Parent - Class of 2019

"My son just committed to play football in college this week. He is a senior looking forward to the exciting opportunities ahead. Looking back on the process, we really didn't know if this day would come. We have Jacob Dombrowski and Underdog Consulting to thank. Jacob has been fabulous throughout the recruiting process. My son, Jack, started working with him the summer before his junior year. We had some knowledge of college recruiting with his sister's soccer experience, but football was unknown territory for us. Jacob was able to really get to know Jack and start him on his way. He gave Jack the tools and information to get started in the recruiting process and then supported him throughout. He was a resource for Jack and my husband and I. His extensive knowledge, personal touch, accessibility and responsiveness were crucial to the process. This sets his service apart from other big recruiting groups that don't get to know the player and family well enough to really guide them through the process. We highly recommend Jacob to help your player pursue his dreams of playing at the next level!"

Heather, Parent - Class of 2018

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